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terrasse des petits-déjeuners et des dîners aux Asphodèles
petit-déjeuner sur la terrasse
La terrasse fleurie pour dîners et petits-déjeuners
living room
petit-déjeuner au salon
piano demi- queue 1872
au coin du feu aux Asphodèles en Cévennes
grande chambre familiale pour 5
chambre Amélie
chambre Lilah
petit-déjeuner sur la terrasse
chambre Nicolas
chambre Nicolas
Nicolas 2 lits
cour intérieure
confiture d'oranges amères
table d'hôte sur la terrasse
déjeuner impromptu sur la terrasse
plage sauvage du Vidourle à 1' de la maison
balade au Vidourle
fac¸ade entre´e
cascade du Vidourle
pisicine communale à Saint-Hippolyte du Fort ouverte juillet-aout
chambre Nicolas
confitures et fougasse à la fleur d'oranger
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Corine DE ROYER, Propriétaire gérante

Les Asphodèles En Cévennes
Chambres d'Hôtes Les Asphodèles, Bed and Breakfast in St Hippolyte Du Fort to ST HIPPOLYTE DU FORT

The country town of Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort is closely related to the history of textiles and vegetable dyes. The Museum of Silk traces this fascinating history, displaying typical looms and wonderful costumes.
Les Asphodèles, handsome early XVIIIth guest house, invites you to relaxe and connect with your own creativity. The floral paintings and icônes shown in each of the three large bedrooms give you peace.

Ideal sejourne for discovering the Causses and the Cevennes, Unesco World Heritage, your host, Corine de Royer, tourism ambassador, will advise you the interesting places to go: prehistoric and historic sites between the Saintes Marie de la Mer and mount Aigoual and Lozère : secret dolmens and  cromlechs, the Bambouseraie in Anduze, Grotte des Demoiselles, Abbaye of Saint Guilhem le Désert, roman chapels scattered in the mountains and more famous sites as Pont du Gard.

Workshops led by Corine, a trained herbalist, will take you to collect plants of the season: wild salads, violets, wild pansies, Lady of the Lace, arnica..., eat them, make vegetable paper out of them or beautiful herbaria. Better than attending a formal lesson, she will bring to life the knowledge of our grandmothers who knew the uses of each plant in our environment - culinary, cosmetic and medicinal -, thereby enhancing your "art de vivre". There will be further opportunities to experience : painting icônes on wood and glass, making vegetable paper, collecting and identifying wild plants and fruits.

On request, Corine will cook you fantastic original diners,  organic and slow food, near the fire place and the grand piano or on the terrace. If too hot in the summer, you can just hop in the nearby wild river and swim with  trouts and dragon-flies, go fishing or swimming in the olympic communal swimming pool.


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Our accommodations

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Nicolas 2 lits
Nicolas Room
from 70€/night
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chambre Lilah
Chambre Lilah
from 80€/night
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chambre Amélie
Chambre Amélie
from 90€/night
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Ila terrasse fleurie
Maison Entière
from 321.43€/night
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Vidourle et cascades
Les Asphodèles En Gîte - 3 Chambres
from 350€/night
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chambre Sarah
Chambre Sarah
from 150€/night
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Your Comfort, Our Services

  • Beach
  • Bed linen included
  • Central heating
  • Closed courtyard
  • Electrical heating
  • Free WIFI
  • Freezer
  • Hiking
  • Hiking trail
  • Independent kitchen
  • Internet access
  • Kitchen – kitchenette
  • Kitchenette
  • Laundry
  • Library
  • Linens included
  • Living area
  • Living room
  • Microwave
  • Non-smoking rooms
  • Oven
  • Pets not allowed
  • Private bathroom
  • Public parking
  • Refrigerator
  • Shared courtyard
  • Sheets and linen included
  • Space heater
  • Table d'hôtes
  • Towels included
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Wifi


A table!
Table D'Hôtes
from 25€

The table d'hôte, on reservation, adapts to your gluten-free and lactose-free, vegetarian diets and offers local products in original and family versions.

détail d'une grande feuille de papier végétal
Atelier De Papier Végétal
from 90€

This is the best time to stroll along the Vidourle in search of wild plants to incrust in your first leaves made from vegetable pasta prepared by Corine with bamboo, wild oats, nettles, leaves of Iris , peelings of garlic and onions and to reconnect with own creativity.

Well sheltered from the sun under the sixteenth century vaults of her workshop, you will realize an unlimited number of leaves on sieves sailing in rainwater tanks. You can create your own plant dyes from other plants and natural pigments. You will depart  with unique works tidy in an improvised drawing board. You will have to continue drying your work at home. 

1st day:
morning: picking along the Vidourle
Afternoon: cooking plants picked according to different techniques and visit the gallery. Presentation of different vegetable papers. Making your own leaves from pasta already prepared, on sieves, draining and drying in the open air and in press.

2nd day:
morning: picking tinctorial plants and rinsing the cooked dough the day before to the river, discoloration or staining with natural pigments.
afternoon: making sheets with the new dough and drying. Go to press.

3rd day:
morning: picking and preparation of mulberry bark, making new leaves, inlays.
afternoon: paper story: slide show and bibliographic sources.

Poetry, game, water, writing, painting, natural pigments, river, Vidourle.
Vegetable paper: art therapy or artistic creation?

Marie des Me´te´ores
Icon Workshop Under Glass
from 90€

Corine invites you to enter the world of icons through the technique of icons under glass learned in Romania. Planned workshop from 16 to 19 April and on request all year.

In 1699, in the village of Nicula, north-east of Cluj, an icon of the Virgin, located in the small wooden church of a convent, began to cry for 26 days. This miraculous icon has attracted many pilgrimages ... Result: Nicula has become a village of painters. Entire families started painting in the autumn, as soon as the fields were finished, to reproduce this image of the Madonna and Child under glass. Workshops were created with a real distribution of work: one person drew outlines, another put the colors. The oldest checked the work, a frame was added at the back, sometimes painted with colors, cherubins, stars, flowers, geometric figures. A house of five painters produced up to twenty icons a day. Nicula lived at the hour of miracle ... The oldest icon under glass is mentioned in 1703, in Sacadate, Sibiu region: it's Saint Georges ... Each house had its gallery of icons tight against each other,  to attract the protection of the saints.

What touched me in the icons under glass of Romania, it is the freedom of inspiration, execution, the joyous colors, the representation of the plants, the sincerity, the integration of the details of the everyday life. They have the freshness of a testimony, of a meeting; each is a profession of faith: a state of the art and an invitation to be transformed by the Invisible in whose presence we work. Their naivety, their simplicity, sometimes their awkwardness reminds the primitive force of the ex-voto.

Back from the Maramures where a painter passed on his technique, the miracle for me is to be able to transmit this relationship to the Wonderful from my workshop in Saint-Hippolyte du Fort, to all my visitors and trainees including the youngest people (7 years old) and to see their joy to leave after two hours or two days of intensive work with their icon.

It is also to connect to the history of art since ancient times. Already practiced in Assyria and Phenicia, in Byzantium in the fourth century, glass painting was introduced in the Middle Ages in Venice and developed in Murano. It is found in Iraq, Persia, China in 1830, Japan, Senegal. Around 1912, Kandinsky, pioneer of abstract art in Russia, painted with water and Indian ink 31 fixed under glass including "The Last Judgment". It is still practiced in Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Cevennes.

Ancient, learned, popular, religious, painting makes travel through ancestral techniques ...

balade d'herboriste
Herbalist Walk
from 40€

Corine leads you to the recognition and gathering of wild plants ...

Courses and creative workshops are offered by Corine de Royer, the hostess, herbalist graduated from the School of Plants of Paris. She will accompany you, at dawn or at the end of the day, in picking seasonal plants: wild salads in winter and spring, violets, wild thoughts, hawthorn, arnica, queen of the meadow, thyme, rosemary, savory, large burdock ... Better than a lecture, it will revive for you the knowledge of our grandmothers on the virtues of each plant in our environment. Transformation of pickings, jams, bouquets of aromatic plants to win at home, herbal teas, all elements that will flourish your way of life in everyday life and make you think before weeding or mowing ...
Food, condimentary, cosmetic, dyeing and medicinal uses will be clarified through the creation of herbaria.
Many flora are at your disposal.

art floral du vendredi
Art Floral
from 30€

atelier herbier
Atelier Herbier
from 40€

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