Les Asphodèles

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The large dining room

The country town of Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort is closely related to the history of textiles and vegetable dyes. The Museum of Silk traces this fascinating history, displaying typical
looms and wonderful costumes.
Les Asphodèles, handsome early XVIIIth
guest house, invites you to relaxe and connect with your own creativity. The floral paintings and icones shown in the house continue and renew the many activities always associated to the spring of the Vidourle.

With some steps of the house, the Vidourle

Ideal sejourne for discovering prehistoric and historic sites between the Saintes Marie de
la Mer and mount Aigoual and Lozère : dolmen,
ruines of the castles of the Satrapes, la Grotte des Demoiselles, abbaye of Saint Guilhem le Désert, roman chapels scattered in the mountains and more famous sites as Pont du Gard.

The terrace

Workshops led by Corine, a trained herbalist, will take you to collect plants of the season -
wild salads, violets, wild pansies,
Lady of the Lace, arnica...

The hydrangea of more than sixty years

Better than attending a formal lesson, she
will bring to life the knowledge of our grandmothers who knew the uses of
each plant in our environment - culinary,
cosmetic and medicinal -, thereby
enhancing your "art de vivre".
There will be further opportunities
to experience : painting icones on wood
and glass, making vegetable paper, collecting
and identifying wild plants and fruits.